Deck Project design and construction:

With over 30 years of experience, we here at Great American Deck Builder take great pride in building our clients dream decks every day.  Through the use of  3d design software we take homeowners through the design process step by step and allow them to see what the project would look like on their home and how it would function for their personal purpose. Making sure you are left with a deck that is suitable for your needs and budget.

Deck Inspection:

Do you have an existing deck but question its condition?

Our designers here at Great American deck builder are schooled in the latest building codes and techniques.  Many changes have occurred in these areas in recent years due to tragic deck collapses.  If you have a deck and would like an inspection you can schedule one today.  If problems are found with your current deck we can schedule time for one of our professional crews to come out and take care of it for you so you can enjoy your deck safely and with peace of mind.

Railing Installation:

Looking to replace your wooden railing or old wrought iron railing?

No matter the railing system you have on your home if you are looking for something that is less maintenance and will require less of your attention. Great American Deck Builder can help you.

Our Veka Vinyl Railing is a perfect solution for anyone looking to redo their railings. Great for any application. Can be installed on wooden decks or concrete pads. We have the solution no matter the situation. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty which is good for 25 years!

Prefer our powder coated aluminum railing? Not a problem this is wonderful project that can also be installed virtually anywhere. Our powder coated aluminum railing carries a 20 Year Warranty!