Thinking About Deck Lighting?

A deck is one place where you enjoy some special moments different from those that you experience in the house. You can decide to share some family moments there or even invite friends for a barbeque and have some fun moments. Lighting is one great feature that should really be put into consideration when designing a deck as any wrong detail on this can ruin the whole atmosphere of the deck.

Adding light to your deck is also a way of increasing its usefulness as you can now make use of it even at night. This also enhances security and safety which will make you feel comfortable when using the deck no matter the time of the day.

To add more twist to the deck experience, most people use solar powered lighting and this is also a great way of reducing lighting bills.

This is why you should go for low voltage deck lights so that the solar power can be used for long but still produce the expected results. There are three types of deck lighting and these are:

Accent lights– these are similar to the lights used in the indoor lighting and they are available in different styles allowing you a wide choice to choose on one that reflects your personality. In general terms, accent lights are used to provide downward illumination and they can therefore be fixed on railings, posts and steps.

Post deck lights- these are larger in size compared to accent lights and they are mostly attached to deck railings or posts. They are fixed in such a way that they project 360 degrees around the point of fixture making them quite appropriate for places like the deck entrance or a flight of steps.

Recessed deck lights– these are available as disks or bricks and they are ideal for lighting the perimeter of the deck. You can install these low voltage deck lights all by yourself as this is straight forward but you can hire someone if you truly have no idea on this.

In summary, deck lighting is one feature that should not be overlooked when designing or even upgrading your deck. Badly positioned lights can have blinding effects when one is seated or standing while inadequate lighting can be inconveniencing in some sensitive areas like steps or walkways. If you have no idea of fixing low voltage deck lights, you would better look for advice and this will ensure that you really enjoy those special moments in your deck.

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