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A Helpful Guide on Porch Enclosures and Their Features

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Many modern homeowners will invest in conventional projects such as kitchen renovations or new floors. Others will consider upgrading their outdoor living spaces. Are you considering improving your outdoor area with an enclosed porch? We understand that this type of home renovation project can seem a bit daunting. Make sure you research porch enclosures before hopping in. We have compiled a list of a few things to know before you invest in your porch enclosure project. From planning the space to picking materials, we have got you covered. Read on to learn more about porch enclosures!

Porch Enclosures Feature Many Wall Options

One of the primary decisions you will have to make is which kind of patio enclosure you want. Closed-in porches could have screened walls, large windows, screens, or sliding glass or glass window doors. Your pick should depend on how you decide to use the space. For example, a screened-in porch might be best if you wish to use the space as a comfortable addition to your outdoor living space. If you want it to feel more like an interior addition, consider using traditional windows and walls. You could even add a door and use the area as a type of guest room or private office.

The Price of Porch Enclosures Can Vary

As with all home renovations, the cost of enclosing your porch can vary depending on the project’s details. Of course, the overall size of your porch enclosure and the materials will heavily influence the price as well. Your traditional room additions use materials like masonry and wood. Porch enclosures can usually call for less expensive materials like wood, vinyl, aluminum, or composite for the frame. The rest of the cost will honestly depend on whether you pick glass, screens, or a combination of both.

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