Pergolas or arbors?

Elegant Pergolas and Arbors to Complete Your Outdoor Living Space

Creating a welcoming space in your backyard can seem like an overwhelming task at first glance. But, if If you look at your backyard like a blank canvas, there is so much you can do with it. Arbors vs. Pergolas; which is better?  Arbors vs. Pergolas; which is better? From your garden to your deck or patio, your backyard should reflect as much of your personality as your indoor spaces do.

That’s why you should consider sprucing it up with either a Pergola or an Arbor. One or both of these structures in your backyard will make a statement that the neighbors will be raving about. Not to mention, a Pergola will give you some privacy to entertain in the great outdoors without actually bothering your neighbors.

A Pergola is usually larger than an Arbor because it’s made to fit over a patio or deck and serve as a type of enclosure from the elements.  An Arbor is more of a specially designed seating/resting area for your garden. It’s constructed similarly to a Pergola, but usually much smaller.

Depending on your yard and garden may also depend on which type of structure you choose to incorporate into your backyard design. So to get back to Arbors vs. Pergolas; which is better? An Arbor is a perfect touch to add to the entryway to your garden while you can’t go wrong with a Pergola for entertaining and adding some living space to your home.

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