Essential Safety Features that Every New Deck Needs

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Safety features can sometimes take a backseat while planning on building your new deck. However, regardless of your current needs, adding the required features to your deck will add some long-term equity to your outdoor living area. Fortunately, creating a wonderful, safe space outside is a lot easier than you might think. Read on to learn about some essential safety features that every new deck in your home should have!

Slip Resistance is Important

A turn in the weather could cause your deck to go from safe to quite slippery in a second. Typical wooden or PVC decks might become slicked with wet weather conditions, so picking a slip-resistant decking board is a good idea when planning on building your deck. Great Railing can help you discover the right type of vinyl decking materials to use for less slip resistance.

Create Closed-Off Spaces

When you are using your deck as a secondary living area or family room, keeping kids and pets safe might become a serious concern. An easy add-on to create safe spaces are gates. Creating a closed-off space is an easy way to keep any little ones safe while enjoying your new deck.

Light Up the Deck Area

If you are planning on utilizing your deck during the evening and nighttime, adding lighting features to your new deck build is a must. Light features could be integrated into your railing with post caps, giving you the option to create soft lighting to really enjoy your deck space into the night. Step lights or scones illuminate stair sets to help you mitigate potential trips and slips.

Get a Grip on Your New Deck

Stairs might become a safety hazard, regardless if they’re dry or wet. Key safety features of the stairs should include both stair treads and railings. Stair treads give a sense of contrasting, bullnose edging to each of your stairs, all while minimizing possible slips by creating visibility of your stair’s edge. This minor feature is quite cost-effective and well worth the small investment. A secondary handrail feature is a wonderful feature for those who might need a more tight grip while using the deck’s stairs. Much like how a fence protects you, an extra set of handrails can do the same. Consider installing one, as they’re an excellent choice for both commercial and residential sites.

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