Looking for some fresh new porch decorating ideas? Better yet, are you trying to spruce up your front porch without breaking the bank? Whether you have a small porch or a large, classic front porch, there are many ways you can decorate your porch and stick to your budget. From eye-catching porch lights to pretty planters, check out some of our budget-friendly porch ideas.

Budget-Friendly Porch Decorating Ideas

Your home’s architecture, your tastes, and budget will guide your porch decorating plans. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to scout for attractive porch decor that are both affordable and fit with a variety of aesthetics. Snap up some vintage finds at flea markets or look to outlet stores or website for upscale designer porch decor. You can also mix a vintage flea market find with a brand new piece of Trex® Outdoor Furniture™, creating a distinctive look that combines comfort with intriguing details that make a porch your own.

The possibilities for porch decor inspiration are virtually endless. Here are some of our favorite ideas for creating a stunning porch and staying on-trend and on-budget.

Rocking Chairs

If you have a small front porch, keep it simple and let a simple rocking chair be the main focal point. A classic rocking chair never goes out of style. You may even have one already that’s been passed down from generation to generation.


To add a splash of color that won’t blow your budget, you can always add a seasonal wreath to your door. Changing your wreath with the seasons gives a small porch a fresh look that keeps things interesting.


Elegant planters welcome you to this front porch, complementing the grand columns for a regal look. The planters are a perfect color match to the columns. Add interest to the walkway by varying the planter heights. Porch plants are an easy and affordable way to dress up a porch. Plus, you can change them out seasonally to add some variety throughout the year.

Porch Swings

How many cousins can you fit on a porch swing? Kids and adults alike enjoy making memories on these timeless pieces of porch furniture. You can find porch swings available for as little as $100, although some models can be more expensive — as much as $2,000. What’s within your budget is up to you, but even a simple, inexpensive porch swing can create priceless memories.

To complement your swing, sconce-style light fixtures keep the lighting simple to match the down-home feel of this porch.


Lighting makes a difference. This porch keeps it quaint with a row of wooden rockers and a simple pendant-style light fixture that offers a classic look against a brick facade.

Pendant lights lend an elegant-yet-unfussy touch and are relatively inexpensive. Make your porch space more inviting by adding a rug and some plants amidst the rocking chairs to add color to the wood and brick textures

Upcycled Furniture & Decor

Accent your porch with some affordable pieces to create a relaxed atmosphere and keep your budget in check. Wicker furniture piled with comfy cushions offers relatively inexpensive seating and makes this outdoor space perfect for entertaining. With a large porch, you can include vintage chairs and a well-cushioned porch swing to spruce up your porch seating area. Tie the look together with a rug, plants, and ceiling fan.

If you want to get crafty, you can find furniture at a flea market or thrift shop, and then sand and repaint it yourself to transform it into a colorful conversation piece for your porch. Anchor your color scheme with a rug in matching tones.

Pottery & Greenery

Liven up your space with a pop of color by filling inexpensive pottery with real or faux plants or add an end table in an unusual color. A flea market or thrift shop is a great place to find these odds and ends to complete your look. Adding greenery is an inexpensive way to create a colorful and cozy space on your patio.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Nothing says “cozy” like an outdoor fireplace. This outdoor living room set provides the perfect seating space for entertaining guests or simply watching the stars. Even though the fireplace shown here is built-in, you can find budget-friendly outdoor fireplaces on sites like Target, Wayfair and Walmart.


One easy and inexpensive way to dress up a porch is with lanterns and colorful throws and pillows. While real, flickering candlelight can create a relaxed mood, battery-operated candles are just as attractive and safe around children and pets on the porch.

Soften the look of a dark wood porch swing by incorporating pastel pillows and blankets that reflect the soft glow of the lanterns.

Inexpensive Decor

The furnishings set the stage but the accents create the mood. A dish filled with limes, potted plants and lanterns lit by battery-powered candles make this screened-in porch especially welcoming. Decorative signs and colorful vases can be purchased inexpensively and lend both pops of color and character to your front porch.


Painting is a low-cost way to revitalize your porch, especially if it’s made from wood. Give it a pop of color like this cool blue hue, or even a crisp white and black palette.

There are so many easy ways to reinvent the look of your porch without draining your savings.

With lighting and furniture pricing ranges, it all depends on how high or low you want to go. If you plan on entertaining or spending a lot of time on your porch, consider investing in durable, attractive porch furniture that will withstand years of wear. Then, decorate with fun finds from flea markets or discount stores to spruce up your porch to make it your own.

Let your imagination run wild with these front porch decorating ideas on a budget! You can see more porch ideas and pictures here.