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How to Create the Ideal Outdoor Living Space

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Your home is your castle, and the property that surrounds it should be an inviting oasis. For many people, the last year and a half has dictated that the home is often also the office and school and many other things, and that makes having a relaxing, peaceful retreat even more important. Additionally, a beautiful and well-maintained yard adds to the curb appeal and value of your home, and it gives you a great place to host friends and family. Ready to make your yard into your ideal outdoor living space? Read on for four great ways to do it!

A Shady Retreat

One of the best ways to make your yard into a blissful outdoor living space is to increase your shade. Most people don’t like to sit out in the blazing sun unless they’re next to a pool that they can jump into. Add some shade to the same area, however, and many people find it much more enjoyable. Since planting shade trees can be expensive and they take time to grow, consider adding a beautiful pergola to your property instead. 

A Private Place

privacy fence around your property isn’t the only privacy investment you should be considering. Would you sit out on your deck more if it was shielded from prying eyes and ears? Privacy panels are available in a variety of materials, and they are the perfect way to turn your patio into a secluded little oasis. 

A Permanent Spot

Imagine this: last year you cleaned and put away all your patio furniture, but this spring you were busy and you never got around to getting it out, and before you know it summer is here, the heat is blazing, and the idea of lugging it all out is too much. So instead, you just don’t use your patio. This wouldn’t be a problem with built-in seating. Built-in seating can be beautiful comfortable, and functional (it’s a great place for built-in lighting too), and with the right materials, it can outlast most patio furniture as well.

An Accessible Garden

The area around (and on for that matter) your patio can also be made into useful space. There are so many ways to integrate gardens into your outdoor living space. Pots and planters are a great addition to your deck, and if you choose the right herbs they can also help ward off mosquitos. You should also consider building out your deck – if you’re installing a new one – to include built-in planters. Just make sure that your decking material is suitable for ground and water contact. Alternatively, you could Planter baskets that sit over your handrails and offer the perfect place for growing herbs.

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