Key Aspects to Consider Before Building a New Deck

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Do you love entertaining friends and family? Does warmer weather draw you outside? Do you like to relax at home? If so, then you might want to build or expand your deck! Before you begin any type of home project outdoors, it is crucial to plan and research correctly. You’ve got to consider many vital aspects before building a new deck onto your home. Read on to learn a few key elements before building a brand new deck!

Consider All of the Materials

A deck installation is an investment for your home. It could add outdoor square footage and usable living space for your entire family. There are various decking materials that you can choose from for your deck project ranging from wood to composite to aluminum. Each material is different and ranges in quality, pricing, and longevity. Composite decking is the right choice, as it is built from a blend of different plastic and waste wood fibers, so it can have the texture of wood without all the splintering. Composite planks are usually heavier than most woods and are also a bit more pricey. Composite decking can be affected by the temperature because they’re not as stiff as real wood. Composite decking boards are also very easy to slide in and out, as well as clean.

Consider the Style, Function, and Size

When adding to your deck to your house, it is important to ensure that your deck and style complement your home’s overall feel and aesthetic. Consider the proportions of the deck to your house and to your backyard too. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of building decks that are too big for their home and yard. If you live in a house that’s main floor is 1,000 square feet, your deck should not exceed 500 square feet. If your yard is is only 500 square feet, you should consider a deck that is no bigger than 250 square feet. Unbalanced proportions in between your deck and home can look awkward and decrease your home curb appeal.

Consider the Maintenance

Every deck material includes a certain level of maintenance. Make sure to talk with your consultant or deck contractor required for your deck. Wood decking has to be stained or sealed every few years depending on wear and tear and exposure to weather elements. If you wish to deal with little to no maintenance, then consider composite. Composite decking only has to be rinsed off with water once or twice annually. No matter the size, material, or style of deck you choose, make sure you explore the ideas of how you will use your outdoor space.

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