Key Signs that Your Metal Fence Needs to be Replaced with a Aluminum Fence

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Steel, aluminum, and iron are good choices for fencing materials, but even the strongest of fences can eventually weaken and require replacements. The same applies to the sturdiest and strongest wood decks too. Proper monitoring, maintenance, and repairs are necessary with any fence maintenance. Still, if you see any of the following signs with your metal fence, it might be time for a replacement. What better replacement for a metal deck than an aluminum fence from Great Railing too. Read on to learn more!

Accidental Damages

If your fence has ever received significant damages structurally from a motor vehicle crash, fallen trees, or brutal weather conditions, it is time for a brand new fence. Damaged areas will not only reduce the metal fence’s structural integrity, but they can compromise your personal safety, security, and privacy. With an aluminum fence, you won’t have to worry about these issues as frequently.


Modern metal fences are typically covered with unique rust-resistant materials, but that does not mean that rust spots don’t occur. It is important to identify and immediately repair these areas to prevent the rust from potentially getting out of hand, eating strongly away at your fences, and inevitably causing it to crumble and fall apart. Pay close attention to the joints that keep the fence together too. Rusted and corroded joints might cause your fence to weaken and extend, overall rust throughout your home’s metal fence is a clear sign that you need a new aluminum fence for a replacement.

Metal is Severely Warped, Bent, Sagging, and Leaning

Bent areas mean your metal fence is experiencing sustained severe damage. You might think bending them back into place is an easy way to repair the damages, but that kind of added movement will further weaken the metal fence. A leaning fence is a real safety hazard due to its high risk of falling over and hurting somebody. As it continues to lean over, it will also keep pulling down attached fencing materials and nearby structures. Consider asking our contractors to install a new aluminum fence to avoid all of this.

Damaged and Exposed Fasteners

Looking at nails or screws that are holding your fence together is also an essential part of your fence’s inspection. If your fasteners have developed any rust, have started to stick out from your fence, become worn down, or are no longer securing most sections of our fence together, then it is at high risk of falling apart, and you need to replace it.

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