Picking Height for Your Home’s Fence

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Residential fence heights range everywhere from about three feet tall to around eight feet tall, but there are factors to consider when choosing the height of your fence. To choose the perfect height for your fence for your house, you’ll have to determine the purpose and style of your fence. For this, consider its location, and try to adhere to any local regulations and laws. However, you don’t have to do this alone. Great Railing can help you every step of the way, but for more information on what goes into picking the right sized height for your property and home’s fence, read on!

Figure Out Your Fence’s Purpose

What purpose do you want your home’s fence to serve exactly? Do you want privacy from pesky neighbors? Do you want to keep out intruders? Do you wish to keep your children and pets contained in your yard? Do you want to secure the space around your swimming pool? Whatever the reason is, remember it, and don’t forget to tell your fence installer.

Common Heights for Fences

By figuring out your fence’s overall purpose, you can now narrow down the material and height options. They are:

  • Privacy: available in vinyl, wood, and chain link, six-foot-high privacy fences are typically sufficient to stop your neighbors from peeping into your yard and windows. Consider this option if you like your peace and space.
  • Decorative: These ornamental fences usually are more designed for aesthetics than for safety. Usually around three to four feet high, any decorative fences are created with wrought iron, tubular bars, vinyl panels, and other types of metals.
  • Boundary: Typically added to your home to create a clear boundary between your yard and a street or neighbor, these ornamental or picket fences are usually around three feet high in front yards and around six feet high in your back yards.
  • Garden: A three to four-foot garden fence will allow you to show off any vegetables, flowers, or garden items you have, all while keeping out large animals. If smaller animals are your concern, consider installing a solid fence.
  • Pool Fence: A pool fence keeps any uninvited guests out, all while keeping pets and people safe. There are national general guidelines for pool fencing (typically at least four feet tall), but it is essential to check the laws around where you live.

Check with Local Laws and Regulations

Cities, counties, and homeowners associations typically have their own set of regulations for fence height, materials, colors, and location. It is important to know these laws and regulations, so do not forget to check!

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