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Summer Decorating Tips for Your Home’s Deck

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Your deck is a beautiful addition to your home, and now that summer has arrived, you are eager to show it off. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your home deck this summer, either alone, with family, or with visiting friends. If you are ready to highlight the beauty of your Great Railing deck, follow the tips below for preparing your deck for summer fun. Even the smallest changes can make a big difference in your enjoyment of your home deck.

Select Your Favorite Deck Furniture

If you already have deck furniture, check to make sure that each piece is still in good condition. If one of your favorite pieces is a little worn, you can have it repaired or refurbished. Alternatively, you can select brand new deck furniture if you want to add new furniture or design a new look. Look for fun summer colors that match your deck’s color scheme. Get creative and explore the many options for deck tables, chairs, vases, rugs, pillows, couches, and more.

Stay Protected From the Sun

When relaxing on your deck, it is crucial to remain protected from the effects of prolonged sun and UV ray exposure. You can do this in several ways:

  • Use weighted umbrellas with UV-protected fabric
  • Install retractable awnings that can be opened or closed
  • Install a semi-attached or detached pergola

Because pergolas are permanently standing, you can hang lights or plants from them for extra beauty and style.

Invest in Safe Outdoor Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting can not only help create a charming ambiance for your deck but provide crucial safety as well. For instance, placing lights on your staircase helps illuminate your steps at night. Solar-powered lighting is often popular for decks, as the sunlight absorbed by these lights all day power them at night.

Create an Inviting Environment

There are numerous ways to create a comfortable and inviting deck. Consider adding accessories such as:

  • Throw pillows
  • Rugs
  • Pillows
  • Potted plants

Rugs can help prevent dirt from being ingrained in your deck, while throw blankets and pillows encourage relaxation and comfort. A few beautiful plants will help your deck blend in seamlessly with your outdoor environment.

Add Privacy with Deck Screens

If you don’t feel quite as private as you would prefer on your home deck, adding deck screens can be a huge help. These screens make your outdoor area private and more relaxing, as well as conceal any neighboring views you don’t like.

Install an Outdoor Bar

If you intend to use your deck for hosting dinners with family and friends, you can further wow your guests by adding an outdoor bar. This bar can be as small as a cart or shelves that contain your necessary glassware and cocktail ingredients. Your bar is sure to get your guests socializing out on your deck.

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