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Vinyl Ranch Rail Fencing and the Top Advantages

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If you live on the eastern shore, you’ve undoubtedly seen and gushed over those lovely ranch rail fences that line farms, residential properties, and businesses out in the country. These kinds of fences are some of Great Railing’s finest, giving properties the charm, style, or practicality that owners desire. Deciding on the material for your fence, like between wood and vinyl, can be like deciding which of your kids is better. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Read on to learn all about all of the benefits of a vinyl ranch rail fence!

Ranch Rail Fencing Styles

If you prefer a white fence, the two main styles of fencing are basically indiscernible from a distance. Even close up, it can be a bit tough to distinguish between white vinyl and painted wood. If you are the type to enjoy the feeling of your fencing, then you should opt for the beautiful smooth texture of vinyl, as it won’t break down or splint like wood. Wood is gorgeous but requires a lot of upkeep – like a fresh coat of paint or staining occasionally. Vinyl can’t be stained or painted, so you are stuck with the color you pick as long as you own your property. This is nice if you don’t care too much about maintenance.

Ranch Railing Fence Durability

If you’ve ever owned a property with wooden fences, you know that they are far from perfect. Insects can infest them, water rots them, the paint will peel, and posts eventually give up. Your other option, which is vinyl, can last you a decade and beyond. Water and insects do not stand a chance with the material that is basically impervious to their damaging ways. This is why we strongly recommend vinyl for your ranch railing installation.

Ranch Railing Fencing Cost

If you are reading this in the year 2021, you might be aware that the cost of lumber skyrocketed to levels that haven’t been seen before. Unfortunately, this has affected many companies, which means there is an increase in the cost of installing wooden fences. Vinyl has become a more affordable choice now with all of its other benefits.

Ranch Railing Fence Maintenance

Vinyl ranch rail have been heralded as a game-changer in the fence industry for their wonderful ability to last much longer than wood, all while requiring little maintenance. The only actual maintenance job you’d have to do is hose it down once a year with a power washer, as this will provide the best results. Also, pay attention to the posts, as they’re the only susceptible part of the fence that may need replacing.

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